Do you want to access a powerful yet simple form of marketing that doesn’t take much time or resources? If so, word of mouth marketing is the strategy for you. Word of Mouth Marketing (WOM) is a form of promotion in which satisfied customers tell other people how much they like a business, product, or service.

One of the most important steps to launching successful word-of-mouth marketing tactics is to thoroughly understand your audience. Getting to know your target group will help you determine what they like and don’t like. Then you can build your marketing strategy and services around those preferences.

For example, social media has become an extremely popular communication platform in Ethiopia especially among young people. There are different ways people can spread the word about your brand online and create a buzz, such as tweeting about a great experience, sharing it with their Facebook friends, or posting photos of your brand’s products on Instagram or Pinterest which can add another layer of WOM. Advertising your brand through influencers is also one of the best word-of-mouth marketing tactics. This technique works because you’re reaching out to your audience through people that they already trust.

When people love your brand, they’re going to tell others about it. For your brand to become truly noteworthy, there has to be something about you that people will remember. That “wow factor.” If you’re just like every other name in your related industry, your audience might not even remember you. It’s not enough to just provide a great service.  That’s already expected. Offering a great service may be enough to retain customers, but it will take uniqueness to get them talking about you and more importantly turn those customers into loyal customers.

Now we’re not saying WOM is the only strategy you need. But if you ensure you have a great product or service and implement a strategy that will get people talking, then a huge part of the battle is already won.