When it comes to your favorite products, take a moment and think about why you like them? Is it the way it looks, it feels, the package, the smell or the taste? You may not know exactly what it is about them but you love it. You purchase them time and time again and begin to build a loyal relationship with your favorite brands. As a creative agency, these are the questions we constantly ask the consumers and ourselves to understand how to promote and propose marketing strategies to our clients. Throughout our journey, there have been many insights and lessons we’ve learned along the way. As you’ll continue to read on, these are the essential lessons that we’ve learned when it comes to branding.

  1. Brand Positioning

First impressions matter and brand positioning is the essence of that first encounter you have with your consumers. Simply put, your brand positioning is a roadmap to the rest of your communication strategy. Placing value in the statement of your brand guides the brand identity, layout of your campaigns, and most importantly directly places your product to your target audience.

  1. Think Local

When it comes to launching a brand into any market, it’s important to step away from your own perspective of what you think sells and what’s important to others. As soon as you’ve become immersed in the culture of your target audience and discover what they value, what they like and where they spend their time, you’ll begin to reap the benefits of your marketing campaigns. When you begin to think local, you start to recognize the cultural features that carry significant relevance to your consumers. For any brand, thinking local goes a long way.

  1. Strive for Brand Loyalty

Developing brand loyalty takes years of consistent growth in your product’s top of mind awareness, quality customer service, and more importantly staying true to your brands values. Most of the time we see brands adapting to trends but in a way that doesn’t support their brand essence or brand identity which can often confuse consumers.   Keeping a brand to stay true to its cause is essential in winning the love and trust in your consumers.

  1. Value in a Brand

In the same tone as striving for brand loyalty, placing care into the communication of your brand shows your consumers the level of commitment you have. When you see brands change their logos, their colors, their approach in their marketing tactics, it’s because they’re adding the necessary value to their brand. This can be exciting to your consumers but keep in mind it’s a balance act. Transform brand not to deviate from its origins, but to evolve into its potential.

These are just a few lessons we’ve absorbed through our experience. Your brand reflects the passion you have for the work you do. The more creative effort you place into it, the more people will believe in it which is the ultimate goal.