Working in a creative industry can be fun, but it can also be difficult to stay inspired and innovative all the time. For the creative genius, a “creative block” can be considered the enemy.  The common solution that we’ve all been told has been to “think outside of the box.” To step out of one’s perspective (the box) and inhale in curiosity. But perhaps the solution may not be thinking inside or outside of the box but questioning the ideology of “the box.”

Often, the creative blocks we face are nothing but constraints set by our previous experiences. By removing ourselves from our work and observing it from a different perspective it bodes as a great exercise to get the creative ideas flowing. Our working environment at Cactus, for example, and the culture that we employ allows inspiration to flourish from our routine activities such as bringing our coffee to serve at our pitches or congregating around a shared meal where a myriad of ideas are exchanged.

Pablo Picasso once said, “good artists copy, great artists steal.” No idea is original, nowadays creativity is all about remixing what’s been done before in interesting new ways – taking ideas from others but interpreting the ideas and using them in a completely different manner.  But this doesn’t mean that we simply follow trends. On the contrary, we create them.

We have a saying here, “creative thinking comes from a creative strategy.” We are always finding creative elements that allows for an idea to blossom but having a great idea isn’t enough. How that idea is implemented, is equally important. But before a creative strategy is put in place, our creative team asks for constructive criticism from all our different departments.

Most people would continue to say think outside the box. Others would suggest to completely get rid of it. Here at Cactus we stay away from “the box” because we see greater value by not being confined by such a concept. Instead we let our creative freedom ring!