Have you switched your Facebook language settings to Amharic yet? If you haven’t already you should try it out and perhaps thank your Facebook friends because they might have been the creators behind the translations. With a network of over one billion users, Facebook is starting to tap into the human resource of its online people. The popular social media platform is striving to enhance the site’s communication to reach the entire globe to its fullest potential by asking their users to take the common phrases and key words of Facebook and translate them into their local languages. Facebook currently supports over 70 languages and is looking to expand further based on a thriving online community called the “Facebook Translation Team.”

How it works is, once you’ve logged onto your Facebook page, you type in www.facebook.com/translations in the web address. This prompts you to select a language that you’d like to translate. Once you’ve selected the language you’re taken to a page that hosts a long list of keywords that relate to the daily interaction and features of Facebook. The Facebook keywords are listed in English and each have a shortlist of several words in Amharic underneath it. The idea is that the words in Amharic are varied translations of the Facebook keywords above them. For example, a common Facebook keyword is “Profile.” As a member of this “Translations Team” you have the option of voting on which word in Amharic best translates to “Profile” or if there isn’t a suitable option, you could then add your own translation and wait to see if your fellow translators agree with you.

The goal is to have the native speakers of these languages around the world be the experts behind making Facebook accessible in the areas that they are currently not. In addition, for your translation achievements you can receive various awards and recognitions accredited by the Facebook team. According to Facebook, only 68% of Facebook has been translated into Amharic. So why wait? Log on to Facebook and start translating!